Manual Carpets Industry: Painting portraits of Antiquarian Monument [Archives:2005/906/Last Page]

December 26 2005
Photo from archived article: photos/906/lastpage2_1
Photo from archived article: photos/906/lastpage2_1
Adel Al-Haddad
Industry of manual carpets in Yemen has been witnessing a huge development during last years. The Center of Manual Carpets, which was established in 1999, is considered to be the first workshop for industry of manual carpets in Yemen. The center aims at qualifying orphan boys and girls under the sponsorship of Orphan Organization for Development and Charitable Islah Society. The Center trains orphan students and qualifies them to be professional handicrafts, contributing to and productivity of the society. There are many of orphan boys and girls who studied in the Center and became well qualified in manual carpet industry. More than 24 separate training courses for orphan boys and girls have been taken place in the past. The Center helps many poor and limited-income families to improve their living by getting new job opportunities.

The Center is unique in its kind; it produces unique carpets that portrait many antiquarian monuments that attract tourists. \”We would like to show our history through weaving on the carpets.\”” Abdulmalek Al-Wahibi