Mao Released, 21 Kidnappers Arrested [Archives:2001/43/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Tribal mediations succeeded last Thursday evening in getting the Chinese hostage, Mao Ding, 35, released. Tribal sources told YT that the release of Ding came after intensive mediations on part of sheikhs of the Nihm tribe. Mao Ding, a Chinese national working for the Chinese Company for Roads and Bridges Construction, was kidnapped from Sana’a on September 23 by armed tribesmen belonging to Nihm. 
However, official sources said Mao was set free by the Yemeni military forces that were surrounding the area for three days. The sources added that 12 suspects of the kidnapping incident have been arrested by police and they will be sent to court for justice. The others are still at large and being traced by security forces. A military officer from Nihm kidnapped Mao to protest the government’s decision to retire him. He demanded the authorities call off this decision and give him back his car. He also asked for the employment of around 20 persons of his tribe in the Special Guards Army. 
President Saleh considers kidnapping as terrorism and gave orders to the parliament and Shura Council to pass stiff legislation against perpetrators of this crime.