Marathon for President’s Cup: Call for Participation [Archives:1998/23/Sports]

June 8 1998

The General Athletics Association (GAA) has directed it’s branches in all governorates to start preparation and the training of the players to participate in the Sanaa 4th Marathon for the President’s Cup, which is due to be held in July 7th 1998, under the sponsorship of Yemenia Airlines.
This is the first time for the GAA to hold such a marathon with the participation of all governorates in Yemen. The GAA has invited 8 Arab countries to participate in this marathon: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon.
The Yemeni GAA at holding an unofficial Arab championship under the theme “Yemeni Unification is a Nucleus for Arab Unification.”
The Yemeni GAA has determined in its last meeting the number of the participation conditions and ratified the technical regulations. Every country should be represented by two players in the marathon. Five contestants from the governorates of Aden, Damar, Ibb, Hadhramaut, Taiz and Abyan, each, and 3 contestants form other governorates will also be participating.
The GAA is participating with 10 contestants representing the national team. The Police Association team is also participating with 10 players. The marathon will be held according to the internationally recognized regulations and laws.
On the other hand, there is another championship called the “road race,” a10-km race, which is an open championship, in which all the governorates are participating. The GAA will host 15 contestants from each governorate.
The Sabeen field will be the launch point for all the races. The GAA specified the number of the participants, whom will be hosted at the expense of Yemenia Airlines – the sponsor of the marathon.
The local participants will be as follows:
Hodeida: 20 participants
Hadhramaut: 20 participants
Abyan: 20 participants
Taiz: 20 participants
Ibb: 20 participants
Damar: 20 participants
Saada: 10 participants
Al-Mahweet: 10 participants
Shabwah: 10 participants
Al-Mahara: 10 participants
Lahaj: 7 participants
Al-Beidha: 7 participants
Hajja, Mareb and Al-Jauf: 6 participants.