Marches in Al-Dhala’e, arrests in Aden [Archives:2007/1017/Local News]

January 18 2007

Al-Dhala'e, Jan. 17 ) Hundreds of citizens from Al-Dhala'e city demonstrated on Jan.15 and blocked the main road linking Sana'a to Aden. The demonstrators asked for the release of detainees arrested by Al-Qalwa'a Police in Aden two days earlier, according to Ali Al-Shalal, a local citizen.

The demonstrators also blocked the road extending from downtown and for 2 km with big stones and building remnants and they set abandoned tires on fire.

According to Al-Shalal, the detainees protested against the Al-Qalwa'a Police who evicted a family from their house in which they lived for the past 14 years. The police treated the house owner in a bad manner and policewomen hauled women out the house before locals.

He added they will continue the demonstration until the detainees are set free and the house goes back to its owner. said that army and central security troops armed with weapons and anti-riot means were dispersed Tuesday morning in the town's streets, but the troops numbers decreased at night.

The same source spoke about a list of 10 to 15 political activists prepared by the security apparatuses to be arrested, accusing them of starting the demonstration during which citizens set abandoned tires aflame and blocked the road between Sana'a and Aden. The demonstration came to an end after the intervention of political and social personalities and the local authority's promise to meet the demonstrator's demands.

There were no arrests by the military or security forces, fearing negative local reaction, according to sources.

Moreover, the security authorities in Aden set free last Tuesday Al-Dhala'e district's local council member Musad Othman Subirah, after he had been in jail together with other six people arrested last Sunday, following their return from the demonstration. The other six are still in jail under the pretext that they have not finished questioning them.

The sources also indicated that Aden's local council declared in a meeting that the house belongs to the family which they evicted three weeks ago.