Mareb’s investigation department chief killed [Archives:2007/1038/Local News]

April 2 2007

SANA'A, April 1 ) Chief of Mareb's Investigation Department Col. Ali Hamoud Qusailah was killed while two of his bodyguards were badly injured last Wednesday when returning from an assignment outside the city. The murders trapped Qusailah in the main road leading to the Mareb Dam, some 2km from Mareb city.

According to Mareb Press, based in Mareb, the operation was implemented at night and unknown parties trapped Qusailah and his guards when he was returning to the city. The murderers were without a car, hiding in a thick wood. After shooting Qusailah, they fled the scene; their whereabouts are still unknown. Some sources say drug gangs are behind the incident.

Mareb security apparatuses formed a committee later on to conduct invesigate the incident and hunt the murderers.

The People and Issue Supplement issued by the official Al-Thawrah Newspaper published an interview with Quasilah on Sunday, wherein he mentioned that Mareb security apparatuses managed to put a limit to highway robbery and further crack down on gangs, particularly those positioning on the highways between Sana'a and Hadramout.

Qusailah further noted that Mareb suffers tribal revenge and the absence of justice and solutions to the people's problems, coupled with poor citizens education. However, he asserted that they managed to arrest many monument-pieces and hand them over to the Monuments Authority.

He stressed as well that drug crimes pose a great concern to the security apparatuses, especially since the governorates have turned out to be a link between Yemen and neighboring countries, explaining that such crimes require greater efforts in order to be eliminated.