Marginalized people request President to supervise compensations [Archives:2005/872/Front Page]

August 29 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- Yemenis of African origin living in shelters and affected by torrents in 45meter Street appealed to President Saleh last week to supervise compensation approved by governmental committees to be granted to them in return for using the place as a watercourse for disposing rainwater.

Eng. Al-Sabri, a government employee responsible for supervising work at the area said in a statement to the Yemen Times that all the marginalized inhabitants were compensated in response to directives of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who ordered that people would be compensated with 50 thousand rials while shelter owners should be given houses in Sa'awan.

“We have become homeless after the Municipality tractors demolished our simple shelters,” Mohammad's 20-member family who live under a tree without any piece of furniture shouted. ” There is no objectivity and we have no connections in the government and so what influence can we hope for when the government writes reports on compensations.”

In Yemen it is a norm to find marginalized people of an African origin living randomly in places, which are not convenient for housing. They live in thatch-made huts that can not resist torrential rains and storms.

By the advent of 2005, a shelter for the marginalized people in Esser Zone was set ablaze compelling hundreds of families to evacuate the place. Realizing the situation, the authorities started to construct houses for this category in Sa'awan to northeast of the capital in return for leaving the place to be used as a street.