Marginalized women banned from walking at night [Archives:2005/846/Local News]

May 30 2005

TAIZ- A security decision was issued last week for banning women belonging to the marginalized category from walking in the evening in many zones in the city of Taiz.

Colonel Nasser al-A'awash, General Director of the Police Department of West Taiz, told the Yemen Times that his department received numerous complaints by locals in al-Musalla Street urging policemen to arrest marginalized women ( from Akhdam category) who walk in the street over the night.

According to locals, these women commit immoral crimes with youths in the zone.

Colonel al-A'awash added all the marginalized women are prohibited from walking in streets at night, and some of them were arrested and released after they pledged not to leave their homes at night.

According to the police, whosoever violates the regulations will be arrested and punished.