Marian Bush: I was astonished to see Old Sana’a [Archives:2001/50/Culture]

December 10 2001

Ali Salem Al-Mabaki
After a memorable sojourn in Yemen, Marian Bush is deeply affected by the beauty and fascination of Yemen. The French woman, Marian Bush, left Sana’a after she prepared a language study in Yemen. She carried out her study on the different dialects of some Sana’ani women. She focused her study on the vernacular language of Sana’a. In her study, Maria has indicated that social and economic distinctions play an important role in forming a language or a dialect. She stressed in her study that social status, educational level, gender and age also play an important role in forming a language. Her research in this aspect is very accurate, as Marian Bush has firmly established her relationships with the women with whom she wanted to carry out her study. She was at first astonished to see the impressive architecture of the Sana’ani houses, particularly the old houses of Old Sana’a. She expressed her empathy for the hard life of women. She noticed that there have been gradual improvements in the Sana’ani dialects. Also, she promised to come to Yemen again this summer. According to Bush, dialects can be modified due to several factors. Among these factors are both internal and external factors, such as words and the expressions of TV. She said that the vocational factor is the main factor in forming a language and discussed a language strategy that could cope with the modern language. When an individual discards his society, he partially discards specific terms and expressions. She, in her study, accentuated that women can be more highly developed than men, in spite of the isolation and repression they endure.