Marketing Seminar [Archives:1998/07/Local News]

February 16 1998

The University of Aden, in cooperation with the Arab Management Society in Cairo, is organizing the first seminar on marketing in Yemen. Due to be held during 10-12 May, the seminar will cover several topics concerning various marketing aspects. “A large number of managers and administrators from different Yemeni and Arab establishments as well as specialized university lecturers, students and other people interested in marketing will take part in the seminar,” said Dr. Mohammed Abdulrasheed, head of the seminar’s information committee. “The seminar will concentrate on identifying the Yemeni market characteristics through establishing a comprehensive framework encompassing the marketing problems in Yemen,” explained Dr. Abdularasheed. The participants will also try to “determine the necessary mechanisms to deal with the rapid changes and predicts the future developments in the Yemeni market.”