Marking its 25th anniversary in Italy & Europe:Yemenia Airways remains airworthy [Archives:2003/679/Local News]

October 23 2003

Sana’a, Oct. 21- On May 4, 1978, the first flight of the Yemenia Airways took off from Sana’a to land in Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome.
With this beginning, the Yemenia Airways could lay the first foundation of its flights, which links Yemen to Europe rest of the world.
The first Yemenia Airways’ takeoff was to Italy and then to other European capitals. This is considered to be a milestone and a significant vital air bridge for the history of Yemenia Airways in Europe. It is therefore, a responsibility that should be taken into consideration.
Despite of difficulties faced by the aviation market particularly the tourism industry, which is considered to be the mainstay for passengers’ movements from and to Italy.
The 25th anniversary of the Yemenia Airways in Europe in general and in Italy in particular coincided with the 41st anniversary of the 26 September Revolution.
In order to make use of this special event for promoting Yemen’s tourism, a strong impetus has been motivated by the government which has done its best efforts to put an end to kidnapping incidents which remained a stumbling block for the tourism agencies and the hotel industry.
We in this case have done our best to include the Italian tourism agencies and its media interested in promoting tourism as well as the civil aviation authorities and airport officials to deal with the Yemen’s tourism market
To make the 25th anniversary of the Yemenia Airways a special event, one of the most beautiful halls was chosen. It is situated in one of the most fascinating landscapes and parks of Rome.
First top agents belong to the Yemenia Airways were honored during. marking the anniversary.
Certificates of merit were distributed by the Yemeni Ambassador to Italy, Dr. Mohammed al-Helali.
In a speech delivered by the Yemenia Airways Manager in Italy, an overview on different stages of the Italian tourism in Yemen was given, specifically when the Italian globetrotter, Manzoni visited Yemen as well as his diaries written about that visit.
In his speech, he pointed that Italians had been deeply impressed and infatuated by Yemen’s civilization and the Yemeni ancient heritage.
He reminded all attendees during the 25th anniversary of the Yemenia Airways of Yemen’s possessions to three major historical cities that have been announced as one of the significant world heritage.
For keeping passengers safe and comfortable, the Yemenia has taken its keen interest to update its air fleet such as importing one of the highly state-of-the-art Airbus 310-300 and Boeing 737-800 together with signing an agreement to provide an Airbus plane 330. The latter Airbus has been used to operate on long journeys starting from the coming month.
Attendees have been highly impressed by the 25th anniversary celebration of the Yemenia Airways. This has prepared the way for Yemen’s tourism industry. This has created an enthusiasm for the tourism agents to work in tourist fields in Yemen in order to regain Yemen’s good reputation as well as its architectural design.
The ceremony was attended by tens of media representatives and other dignitaries.
Journalists have been highly admired by what they hear, listen, and watch of a comprehensive coverage in different papers and magazines where they work in.
It is to be mentioned here that the Tourists Journalists Union intended to hold its annual conference in Sana’a during March, but it has been postponed to the beginning of the coming year due to the Iraq’s crisis.
It is also worthwhile mentioning that the conference is to be attended by more 80 journalists along with their families.