“Marriage between human beings and jinn is an odious thing” [Archives:2007/1091/Last Page]

October 4 2007

Omar Dawkam interviewed Yasir As-Sagheer.
Opening clinics to treat people with Holy Quran, exorcising evil spirits, using strangulation and electrification, marriage between human beings and fairies as well as other issues have become a way to earn money under the guise of Holy Quran due to the communities' ignorance.

Yasir As-Sagheer treats people with the Holy Quran, and has an MA in jurisprudence and is accredited in the field of democracy and human rights. He warns people of fraudulent shops because of their deceiving antics. He also agrees that there is treatment similar to Abu-Ghareeb jail in Iraq, saying “Satan made a deal with Bush and Olmert