Marriage ceremonies turned to obsequies [Archives:2003/673/Local News]

October 2 2003

Taiz, Sept. 27- Mr. Abdulwadood Abdulaziz al-Jaradi, the vice principal of the Omar Ibn al-Khattab School at al-Aqroodh district, south of Taiz, was killed with a stray bullet the moment he was going out of his house.
The bullet penetrated from the back of his head and remained at the top of the spinal column. But he died as soon as he had reached the hospital.
It has been made clear that the shot was coming down from air where a marriage ceremony was held in an adjacent village.
Other three people were killed and four injured in the same way as a result of shooting fires in the air in al-Qarraisha, Hujarria during marriage ceremonies. People usually shoot fire with their guns as an expression of their joy on such occasions but such incidents turn such festivals into obsequies.