Masdoos Threatens to Leave the  Yemeni Socialist Party [Archives:2000/13/Local News]

March 27 2000

The member of the Political Office of the Yemeni Socialist Party, Mr. Mohammed Haidara Masdos threatened to leave the party if the party does not redrafting the new documents, which will be approved in the fourth conference in next July.
Political sources in Sana’a said that Masdoos’ decision of leaving the party comes amongst his criticism to the point of view presented by the member of the Political Office, Mr. Jar’allah Omar. This point of view says that the party must depend on the party forces inside the country, but it was rejected by Mr. Masdoos and other members of the party, who sees that the party must keep in touch with the leaders of the party outside the country. The distinguished figure of those leaders is Mr. Ali Salem Al-Bedh, who resides in Oman, and Haider Al-Attas, who resides in Saudi since the end of the war in 1994.
The movement, chaired by Masdoos adopts essential matter on reforming unity system. He demands to pay attention to build new system for the state of unity, and to exploit large number of employees of the Northern and Eastern governorates.