“Masked Criminals” veiled [Archives:2008/1179/Community]

August 7 2008

By: Mohamed Assana
[email protected]

“Masked Criminals”??? Your article title is tasteless; I can only say, it represents your inner thoughts or view of the veil in general, instead of leaving it to the reader to decide.

I come from a family that has both veil and non veil women, wearing the veil was never imposed nor condemned by anyone in my family. I personally don't think of the veil as a degrading tool for women; however I do agree it is more of a cultural then a religious dress code.

Yemen culture is highly praised and respected among all others that come to know Yemeni culture; it set us a part from the rest of the Arab/Islamic world, by how modest Yemeni men and women dress code is.

Talabansation of women in Yemen is not in existent, if this is what you are referring to.

Just as you have mentioned in your article, women in Yemen are well integrated into the Yemeni society more than women in other “modern” Arabic/Islamic societies, with and without the veil.

Women in Yemen are well respected honored for what they are and for what they contribute to our society.

To my understanding the veil is neither a mask nor a jail cell; it is a form of clothing fashion.