Me and the moon [Archives:2006/969/Community]

August 3 2006

By: Issam Al-Khawlani
As the 'clock strikes nine,

To the wondering desperate heart of mine,

That prays all night to see you soon,

You gaze down a fourteen day old Moon.

Fair as you always are,

Near you seemed to be, yet how far!

Up, up towards you still I watch,

Never you stopped by, nor a minute my watch.

Nothing I could feel as I now see,

But your divine love sparkling within me.

How it began, when will it last?

None can tell as never it will.

Let's then live and die,

Me on earth and you on the sky.

Me the crying hopeless host,

And you the sad sleepless ghost.

Each to each, let's always be,

Those two of the unsinkable ship in that violent Sea.

In our dreams we shall meet,

Hand on had, walking on feet.

Among the lovely trees,

Together we smell the early breeze.

Birds sing on us, and water murmurs beneath.

No matter there if we stopped to breath.

For again in dust, I believe,

No change, but you and me will be one to live.

Together we stay, and to gather we leave,

With no more pain, no more grieve.