Means of transport cause, 60% of pollutants disseminated in the atmosphere [Archives:2005/872/Health]

August 29 2005

According to a scientific study conducted by Dr. Farid Sha'aban, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, the American University in Beirut, 60% of air pollution in the capital city of Sana'a is attributed to transportation means. Pollutants are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydro carbonic gases caused by car fuels and the lead substance contained in petrol.

The study clarified that the substance of lead added to fuel affects the neurological system and impairs the mental ability and intelligence in the part of children.

The study indicates that Yemen's capital suffers from sharp pollution, particularly as it witnessed heavy traffic movement over the last two decades. Currently, the sector of transportation covers around 350 thousand cars of different kinds, the majority of which are 15 years old, and all run on different kinds of fuel, according to statistics released by the Capital's Traffic Department in 2004.

In this respect, sources at the General Traffic Department say the duty of traffic police is to detect whether drivers have the entire document required for car possessions without any attention to fuel that leaves more pollution such as that caused by diesel fuel.