Measures annoying old Sana’a merchants [Archives:2004/733/Business & Economy]

April 29 2004

The local authority in the capital have carried out certain measures for organizing traffic in Old Sana'a with the purpose of facilitating reception f visitors and activities of Sana'a Capital of Arab Culture 2004. As a result and in response to that the tradesmen at the markets of Old Sana'a have considered those measures and controls as acting against their trade activities and as limiting of the movement of the people dealing with them.
The measures include prevention of vehicles from entering the Old part of the city except for its population and even those are allowed at certain times following official permits explaining the time of entry and exit and to transporting commercial goods as starting from 10:00 p.m. till 7:00 o'clock a.m.
Those measures were taken for preserving the tourist landmarks and environment in Old Sana'a known by crowdedness of its streets and its around 20 specialized markets, containing about 10 thousand small trade shops.
A statement issued by the Chambers of Commerce at the capital Secretariat has criticized the traffic plan, demanding the evacuation of the old city markets from peddlers and those displaying their merchandise on sidelines and narrow streets. The city's traders said the traffic plan was to harm a large trading sector and to hamper arrival their customers internal markets and delay transport of goods to their trade shops. Although the local authority meant by its measures to ease crowdedness inside Old Sana'a and providing comfort for its inhabitants, the people there described the measures as severe especially concerning their need of easy movement to and fro their houses at all times and particularly for transporting their sick people.
On the other hand the visitors to old Sana'a do not need to have cars for touring its close markets that are contained within a small area. Tourists can tour the whole city in less than an hour while the control of traffic is considered an element auxiliary for easing crowdedness inside the city and providing its visitors quietness and enjoyment of seeing its beautiful tourist landmarks.