Mecca Cola factory in Yemen in May 2004 [Archives:2003/698/Local News]

December 29 2003

Prerogative right holder of World Mecca Cola Company Mr. Tawfiq al-Mathlouthi held Wednesday 24 December a press conference in Hadda Hotel in Sana'a, talking about the company, beginning of its establishment and the rapid development it had witnessed. Mr. Tawfiq al-Mathlouthi has also announced that the company would the beginning of May 2004 build a factory for Mecca Cola beverage in Sana'a.
General Manager of the Mecca Cola company in Yemen, Mr. Abdulla Baggash had earlier talked on the company saying it had managed during the past few months, since entering the Yemen market in May 2003, to win satisfaction and appreciation of consumers in our country. He had further said that Mecca Cola beverage is the only company that has allotted 10% of its total profits to be paid for the help of Palestinian children and another 10% for charitable purposes in any country where it works.