Mecca Cola introduced to the Yemeni market [Archives:2003/636/Local News]

May 12 2003

The Shehab Corp. for International Trade, SITC, which is the sole agent of the new product Mecca Cola in Yemen, held on Wednesday a press conference to promote the product in Yemen.
Mr. Abduallah Baggash, the General Manager of the company, said in the conference held in Hadda Hotel to launch Mecca Cola in Yemen “we believe that the international Mecca Cola soft drinks would proudly gain customers' trust all over the world. The one who was the first to start the idea of producing such a brand and providing it to the international market is Tunisian journalist Mr. Tawfeek al-Mathlothy who called for having practical stands to produce alternatives to Western products, but that should come out in support of our identity.''
He pointed out that the company allocated 10% of its profits to support the Palestinians and another 10% to support charitable associations in all the countries where products are sold.
On the other hand, Mr. Khalid al-Muhameed, Chairman of Board of Director at Mecca Cola in Middle East, said that the company was established in November 2002 in France and started production last Ramadan. The company's daily sales have reached in the first month of production 2,200,000 bottles in France alone.
The product was promoted in all European capitals and Western Europe and gained widespread publicly among Arab and Muslim nationals throughout Europe and Arab countries.