Media and human development [Archives:2005/861/Local News]

July 21 2005

The ministry of information along with the ministry of Planning & International Cooperation and World Bank organized on Sunday 17 July a workshop about the developmental media within the concepts of the human development and society partnership.

A number of official and private representatives of media attended the workshop that took place in the media center.

Mr. Hussein Muqbil, the deputy of the ministry of information for technical affairs, pointed out that the means of media have played a key role in rising awareness and tacking the issues of the national strategy for alleviating poverty.

He stressed on the importance that the Yemeni media in all its types should update the current concepts and ideologies of the human development and attempt to create a true and effective partnership among the society to enhance the positive role of the developmental programs and process.

There were three papers presented in the workshop. Dr. Abdallah AL-Zalab, the dean of Mass Media Communication and Qualifying Institute, presented a paper entitled “Developmental media in Yemen within the concepts of the human development and society partnership” and Mr. Mohammed AL-Areqi, Editor in AL-Thowara newspaper, presented a paper “Environmental Media and Sustainable Development” while Mr. Abdualmalik Al-Arashi, deputy of head of Sana'a Radio, introduced a paper ” The Role of the Official Media in the Development in Yemen” and Mr. Taha Al-Salehi, the general manager of the planning, researches and information, presented a paper about “Media Relationship with the Development”.