Media prevented from coverageSupreme Court still discusses sales tax law [Archives:2005/851/Front Page]

June 16 2005

SANA'A- June 14- The Supreme Court held a session on Tuesday to look into the appeal presented against some articles of the sales tax law No. 19 for the year 2001, due to be passed on by the beginning of July.

Represented by its lawyer Hassan Mujalli, the Chamber of Trade and Industry filed the appeal against the President of the Republic, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister, Ministers of legal affairs and finance and President of the Tax Authority.

The court members listened to the lawyer while reading out the appeal that strongly denounced the application of the sales tax law.

The court prevented the media means from covering the proceedings of the session, and the judge pointed out that the court will allow the media to cover and videotape the sitting of reading out the final verdict only under the pretext the case may be influenced.

All the media personnel and journalists have shown curiosity about being prevented from covering the proceedings, considering such conduct illogical, particularly as the country enjoys an atmosphere of democracy and free media.

The appeal filed against the government was embraced in a book composed of 160 pages including the invalidity of the sales tax law.

The appeal demanded the court to suspend the application of the law, which levies a 10% tax on traders whose annual sales of commodities and services do not exceed the tune of YR50 million.

The sales tax law was strongly opposed one month ago when the Parliament decided to pass it on, and this led to a crisis between the government and the opposition.

The opposition believes the sales tax law has its negative effects on the national economy, investment and citizens. Its proposal is attributed to the wrong economic policy.