Media says spy arrested, security denies [Archives:2006/1010/Front Page]

December 25 2006

SANA'A, Dec. 23 ) A security source denied media allegations that some foreign investigation-linked secret agents, including those for Israel, were arrested, according to the Army's web site.

Noting that the information is baseless, the source requested mass media verify such news via specialized and reliable parties before publishing it.

The Yemeni Sons League web site,, reported Friday that security apparatuses in Sana'a arrested numerous individuals of various Arab nationalities on suspected links to foreign investigations, including Israel and some Islamic nations.

Several official sources were contacted in an effort to verify the web site report; however, they declined to comment, assuring that numerous suspects are being investigated for acts believed to be against Yemeni interests.

The league's report coincides with President Ali Abdullah Saleh's warning last Wednesday about some political powers trying to ignite sedition in Yemen.

Entering the country under the pretext of starting a business, operating tourist tours or even working as mosque preachers, most such individuals were arrested one by one, possessing detailed maps of security-sensitive sites and investigation equipment.

The same source added that initial investigations revealed that some suspects were involved in spying while some are agents for many countries at the same time.

The number of suspects wasn't specified; however, the source said approximately 40 detainees are being subjected to intense investigations before being referred to judiciary.

Established in 2002 under U.S. instruction, the National Security Apparatus is headed by Ali Al-Ansi, President Saleh's office manager and Amar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, the president's nephew.