Mediation To Free Ben Nagid’s Hostages Failed [Archives:2000/09/Local News]

February 28 2000

Sheikh Mojahid Abu Shwarib’s and a number of Yemeni sheikhs mediation efforts to free a group of people from Al-Heimah taken hostage by Ben Nagid from Al-Geda’an tribe were doomed to failure. As a result, Al-Heimah tribes blocked Hodeidah-Sana’a highway and arrested Sheikh Saba Abu Luhoom, Sheikh Ghassan Mohammed Abu Luhoom, Feisal Ahmad Abu Luhoom, sons of Saleh Abu Luhoom, along with their companions and retained them as hostages. They insist that they would not release them until the people from Al-Heima were set free.
Ben Nagid is rumored to have left the tribe along with the hostages to some unknown place in Al-Gawf governorate. Ben Nagid is asking for freeing his son who has been imprisoned for more than ten years in Al-Heimah tribe for killing one of its men who tried to rob him of his car. A military campaign moved to Al-Heimah and arrested some of its sheihks in an attempt to free Abu Luhoom’s sons. However, hostages have not been freed yet. Sheihk Abu Luhoom has called for not swapping his sons with the hostages.