Mediations to Release Kidnapped Chinese Failed! [Archives:2001/40/Front Page]

October 1 2001

The latest mediation efforts exerted by Sheikhs of Abu Luhum with the kidnappers of a Chinese accountant.
A group of armed tribesmen belonging to Al-Haramla tribe stationed near the Jahm Valley of Sanaa Governorate abducted a Chinese citizen, 35, on Sunday September 23 from Hadda street at the heart of the Capital. The Chinese national, Mao Ding, is working as an accountant for the Chinese highway construction company. He came to Yemen 50 days ago to take over a new post at the company.
Reliable sources told the Yemen Times that the kidnappers have not been identified by name yet. The kidnappers demands were to have their province under the authority of the Mareb governorate instead of the Sanaa governorate.
The Chinese embassy is conducting meetings with Yemeni officials to ensure his peaceful release. This kidnapping incident came a few hours prior to the release of the German diplomat, Rainer, early in the morning that day. It was the longest kidnapping case in the recent history of Yemen. Since 1993, over 138 kidnapping cases have taken place in Yemen, in which 347 were abducted including 20 Germans.