Medical practitioners demand justice for slain doctor [Archives:2009/1227/Local News]

January 22 2009

By: Enas Al-Awami
SANA'A, Jan. 20 ) Over 50 members of the Yemeni Physicians and Pharmacists Syndicate staged a sit-in in front of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday morning continuing to demand that authorities bring the people who killed Dr. Derhim Al- Qadasi to justice.

Members of the syndicate in Sana'a, Dhamar university teachers and Science & Technology hospital's doctors declared on Monday that they would start to voice their objection through large demonstrations and sit-ins in front of official government buildings if the government hasn't brought the attackers to justice by January 24.

Al-Qadasi, who died on Sunday due to injuries he sustained when he was attacked late last month, was a medical practitioner at Science and Technology Hospital in Sana'a.

A gang of 18 members broke into the hospital because one of their relatives, who was over 80-years-old, had died in the hospital. Eight of them stormed into the ICU and stabbed Al-Qadasi in his back, damaging his right lung and main arterial vessels.

“We will start a full strike. We will quit working and stop receiving patients in private and general hospitals