Medicine and food safety reviewed [Archives:2003/645/Local News]

June 26 2003

The Shoura Council concluded its sessions last week dedicated to reviewing the general report presented by the financial committee for the treasury bills and its effect on the economy and investment.
Another report also was presented by the Health and Population Committee regarding medicine and food safety which was discussed during the last sessions.
The Shoura council came out with a number of recommendations aimed at sorting out medicine and food safety issues.
An emphasis was put on the formation of a national committee for medicine and food safety and adopting the control and investigation method as precautionary procedures and following up its enforcement in accordance with the food legislation.
The Health and Population Committee was entrusted with working together with the State Minister for Shoura and Parliament, the Health and Population representatives and formulating proposals and opinions mentioned at the Health and Population Committee report and the working papers presented by university professors and concerned ministries and bodies.