Meeting of Sunni religious leaders in Damaj [Archives:2002/35/Local News]

August 26 2002

aA number of religious sheikhs and scholars from the Salafia sect in Yemen held on Tuesday and Wednesday a meeting at Dar al-Hadeeth in Damaj, Sa’da governorate.
The scholars, who represent heads of Salafia centers in Yemen discussed the disputes that happened inside the Salafia sect, especially that concerning Abu al-Hassan Marebi, in charge of Dar al-Hadeeth centre in Mareb and decided to break away with al-Marebi and not permit scholars to study religious sciences at his centre.
On the other hand sources close to Damaj centre mentioned that al-Haramain al-Sharifain establishment that finance the Salafia in Yemen has cut off its assistance to and support for Dar al-Hadeeth centre in Damaj. The amount of former assistance is around SR 200 thousand a month.