Meeting on awareness of the population problem [Archives:2004/766/Local News]

August 23 2004

A special introductory meeting began on 15th August in Hodeidah, which aims at raising awareness amongst specialized media about population, maternal health and issues of gender and youth.
The 4-year meeting was organized by the Ministry of Information in coordination with the General Secretariat of the National Higher Population Council and the UN's population fund. Some 30 pressmen from Sana'a, Hodiedah, Hajah, and Ibb are participating in the meeting.
The meeting has the objective of informing participants about the population problem and its negative influence over future development programs. In addition, it aims to provide them with information on maternal health, its service components, women's issues, the Islamic viewpoint of family planning, and the significance of the role of the media in explaining the issues of population to the public.