Member of Local Council: Governorate officials cripple and weaken the role of local council [Archives:2004/726/Local News]

April 5 2004

Mr. Hussein Ali Atef, member of the local council in Hanfar Province, Abyan Governorate, complained to Yemen Times that the leaders of the governorate have crippled and weakened the roles and duties of the local council and its administrative board. He stated several incidents that prevented the council from carrying out its jurisdiction in connection with monitoring, planning and execution operations on development projects. The operation of collecting of financial revenues is not implemented in accordance with financial regulations and this operation is frequently restricted to a centralized form at the level of the governorate. This results in the loss of governorate earnings and fees from the Police Department., consumption bills, qat taxes, construction permit fees. The appointment of directors of departments in the provinces is also conducted without referring to the decision-making authority in the province and the property of the province is disposed of without recognizing that that belongs to the province.
Mr. Atef concluded his statement by saying that members of the local council have presented a petition to the leadership of the governorate, suspending their activities due to the lack of a response from the governorate's leaders to them as members of the local council.