Members of Hizb ut Tahrir arrested [Archives:2004/751/Local News]

July 1 2004

A press release coming from Hizbu ut Tahrir, a peaceful unregistered political party aiming at re-establishing the caliphate in the Muslim world, said that some of its members in Yemen have been arrested.
According to the release, five of the organization's members were arrested in Sanaa, Mukalla, Ibb, and Amran. The statement affirms that the members were arrested by the Political Security Office (PSO), an investigative unit directly linked to the President. It also claims that the PSO had ensured the secrecy of the arrests, which were supposedly carried out to prevent the party from continuing its efforts in campaigning against the proposed sales tax law that is planned to be issued this year.
The statement called upon the press, the parliament, and citizens of the country to not stay silent while plans to 'spread fear and hunger' are on the horizon.
The organization has been somewhat active lately in distributing press releases opposing the sales tax law to the press and various establishments in the country. The party had received some official recognition when they organized a meeting in Sanaa attended by some prominent figures including Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar. However, they have been subject to several arrests and interrogations throughout the years in Yemen and other Arab countries.