Memories of my Grandma [Archives:2008/1213/Community]

December 4 2008

By: Marwa Al-Zubairi
[email protected]

I remember times in my childhood,

Times at Grandma's home,

A door that was always open,

A place to call my own.

Separate from the world outside

Secure and just for me,

I'd lose my day-to-day troubles,

Sitting at Grandma's knee.

She'd kiss my childish fears away,

I wouldn't feel like a fool,

And we'd laugh as she'd tell me stories,

Of her younger days at school.

She'd give me cookies before supper,

When no one else could see,

And I can't ever remember when,

She didn't have time for me.

But then I had no time for Grandma,

I know I caused her pain,

But the rare times that I saw her,

She would smile and not complain,

It's just that I got so busy,

With friends and school,

But I swore that I'd still visit,

…If ever I got the chance.

Now that I've gotten older,

I've ceased the need to roam,

But now that I have time for Grandma,

Grandma's not at home.

God took her one precious morning,

When I wasn't around to care,

And as I kneel each week at her graveside,

I pray she knows I'm there.