METCO celebrates 34 years of success [Archives:2004/706/Community]

January 26 2004

Imad Al-Saqqaf
Under the motto of ” 34years of Giving and Distinguished Success” , Middle East Trading Company celebrated its annual get-together celebration on the occasion of the elapse of 34 years in Taiz at the Mohammed Ali Othman School hall .
Considering human resource as the mainstay of production in an appreciation of their strenuous efforts for making the company progressing by leaps and bounds.
The get-together celebration was attended by the general – directors , businessmen, mediamen, social dignitaries, the company employees and workers and a host of others.
Among the chief guests during the celebration were Abdullah Abduh Saeed, the chairman of the Board of the METCO Company, Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Fakira, the General Manager, Mr. Moner Ahmad Hael, Mr. Wael Abdullah Abduh Saeed, the Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Mohammed Gawad al Aghbary, the Export Section Manager.
On his part, Mr. Abdullah Abduh saeed, the Chairman of the Board of the METCO Company, spoke of the human resource in this occasion saying that the main mission of his company is to promote the social and living standards of employees and that such get-together celebration is to cooperate and live under the unified umbrella of the Hael Saeed Ana'm Group of Companies.
“We hope to be faithful in our work duties and that all religions in the world pay a special attention to honest work duties. Interrelation at the company is basically based on sef-control. We are absolutely confident of making use of this respect and this can clearly detected through experiences that have been gone though,” Mr. Abdullah commented further.
The chairman of the Board of the metco Company attributed most of the great successes achieved by the company to employees and workers' self -control when performing their duties faithfully .
The company in its closing ceremony hoped that the state andmedia have to pay a special attention to such activities and also disseminating media programs for raising awareness among the publics.
Drama sketches were performed by the well-known drama actor, Fahd Abdulkhaleq centering on the problems faced by employees and workers at the companies.