Methanol Kills 18 People [Archives:2002/03/Local News]

January 14 2002

Eighteen persons died as a result of poisoning within the last ten days after having methanol alcohol, officials at the Ministry of Health & Population reported. They added the ministry was working closely with the security departments to track down the persons who illegally deal with this substance.
On the other hand, Qat-chewers in Sana’a are nowadays panic-stricken following the death of 13 Qat-chewers last week as a result of masticating Qat leaves treated with highly poisonous chemical substances. Last year five persons died in Hajja after they had chemically-treated Qat. The Israeli-made Topaz chemical product which is usually used by farmers to prompt the growth of Qat plants is most properly the reason for poisoning.
Yemeni markets are crammed with tens of internationally prohibited as well as expired chemical products which are mostly used by Qat farmers. The security authorities have so far been unable to seize these chemical substances or preclude their entry into the country.