Mid-Term Exams ASSESSING 3.5 MILLION KIDS [Archives:1999/02/Front Page]

January 11 1999

About 3.5 million students and pupils in the public and private school systems of Yemen just concluded their mid-term examinations. The results will be announced in two weeks – after the Eid Al-Fitr holidays, according to a source at the Ministry of Education. 
Parents as well as students/pupils lived through difficult times over the last few days. “The fact that the exams coincided with Ramadhan meant that families had to make a double adjustment. First because of the Ramadhan timetable and change in lifestyle; and second because of the emergency-like situation declared at home to meet the requirements of our children to prepare for their exams,” complained a Sanaa-based father who has five children at school. “It is not over yet. Now we will not be able to enjoy Eid Al-Fitr holidays because we will live with the anxiety of waiting for the results. I wish the Ministry of Education would make the schools announce the results immediately,” he added. Mid-term examinations represent 30-50% of the overall grades for the year. 
Students in the 9th and 12th grades do not have mid-terms. Their performance depends on the final exams that take place at the end of the academic year. 
University students have also been off the hook. Their mid-terms (for colleges still based on the old year-long evaluation system) and the final semester exams (for colleges based on the term/quarter system) will take place after Eid Al-Fitr.