Middle-East delegation paid visit to Yemen [Archives:2002/10/Local News]

March 4 2002

The Middle-East delegation for Computer program producers union recently paid a visit to Yemen chaired by the Regional Director, Gowad al-Redha. In a statement to Yemen Times, the Regional Director said that his visit to Yemen has come within the framework putting an end to use the copied systems in an illegal way.
Mr. Gowad also visited the Information Ministry, the Personal Division and the Civil Registration, the Computer Center at the Saba News Agency and the two deaneries of the Sana’a University and Technology and Science University.
“At the end of March the computer programs producers union in collaboration with Computer and Studies Center will hold the first training courses to avoid illegal programs in collaboration with the Ministries and the concerned bodies,” the Regional Director, Gowad al-Redha concluded.