Migration [Archives:2008/1199/Community]

October 16 2008

By: Adnan Alhalmi
[email protected]

With the advance of globalization, the world has become a small village. As a result migration has become a part and parcel of this age too. Basically, it is well known that migration became a generous source of income, as it had brought about a good life to many families worldwide in general, and in Yemen in particular. It has many advantages, people studied, knew other cultures, and get integrated with other people from other cultures. It is also said that it has reduced the level of poverty in the country, contributed in building the country and pushed up the wheels of development and evolution.

But at the same time it is argued that migration has left a negative impact upon our children, boys and girls. For instance, they have addicted on the western life, and wanted to imitate it in the real sense of the word at the account of losing their original one. The boys used to imitate the westerners in the way of dressing, hair cutting styles, and even the way of walking. Similarly, girls used to go about without even headscarves, and adapted wearing jeans trousers without wearing the ebayah( long dress covering the whole body) like the western women, and there are some other moral things it is not necessarily to mention them.

Any way, some immigrants are close friends to me told me that some boys and girls can't or at least find difficult to speak in their mother tongue than speaking in the newly acquired language, so I think this is an effect of migration and lack of parents' care. However, I am not going to blame those boys and girls more than I blame their parents, whose responsibility is to grow up moral generation armed by science and knowledge. Some of you may say that fathers are engaged in working to gain livelihood and households, I know that but they must gather a sufficient information about their sons and daughters not to let them be victims of themselves, as they are teenagers and need people to enlighten them to go in the proper path.

Specifically speaking, those boys and girls imitate the worst things which the westerners themselves want to get rid of.

To be much clearer I'm not against migration and immigrants, but rather I admire them and want to draw their attention to this touchy matter which concerns every patriotic and loving person towards his homeland and culture. To clarify this point immigrants are ambassadors for their countries abroad, thus they have to try their best to reflect a good picture of their countries, people, and culture, specially those who are living in the west because western people have got a bad impression about us from their policymakers, in consequence, we are in need of you to prove that we are not as they thought of us; by behaving well.. In other words, you are the sample of millions, you should represent your nation properly, not to forget your culture, habits, customs, and language that contains your identities.