MIL celebrates new batch of graduates [Archives:2005/858/Local News]

July 11 2005

SANA'A- The Military Institute for Languages MIL celebrated on Wednesday July 6 the new batch of graduates numbering up to 170 after they obtained adequate amount of studies in the field of foreign languages.

The new batch includes officers, sergeants and soldiers from different military divisions who finished a 9-month study and were conferred the degree of diploma in the English, French, Russian and Amhari Languages, the last of which is the language spoken in Ethiopia.

At the graduation ceremony, Brig. Qasem Abdussalam al-Shaibani, Chairman of the institute talked about the new technologies used at the MIL and the available facilities that help learners master any target language during a short period of time.

Al-Shaibani commended the donor countries, mainly Britain, France and Russia that provide the institute with the sophisticated syllabuses and facilities needed for a better progress of learners.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Yemeni Military Attaches in Britain, France and Russia and a number of military commanders.