Mind and Heart [Archives:2008/1191/Community]

September 18 2008

By: Maged Thabet Al-kholidy
[email protected]

How is one to live without mind or heart? This article is not about a social problem or political issue. Rather, it is a personal experience that shows how people appreciate things only when they lose them.

Friendship is a supreme human relationship. It is something more valuable than fellowship, neighborliness, or even kinship.

And here I must confess that I did not appreciate the true value of two friends until after their departure.

They were friends and I was sincere and honest in my relationship with them. But their departure shook my person to the core, and made me realize that I was missing two essential elements of my life without them.

Together, these two friends used to play different roles in my life. The first played the role of the mind, the second the role of the heart. It is no exaggeration, though I realized it only after their departure.

The first one left me about two years ago. I was sad that he left, but happy for him to get a chance for higher studies abroad. Time has passed, but I ask myself daily who to turn to for serious reflection and logical conclusions. Of course, many topics in one's personal life need a mind to reflect on them. Now, that mind is no longer there.

How many times have I needed that mind? Always, almost all the time. For a long time, he assisted me, never lazy or rejecting a topic, be it personal or general.

Everyday I remember his clever ideas, his cunning conspiracies. He used to pick up matters and give them logical solutions, suggesting ideas and plans which, in most cases, proved successful. I also remember that his love was dominated by his mind rather than his emotions, and for that we used to call it a “mathematical love””.

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