Mine Action Program batch graduates [Archives:2005/826/Local News]

March 21 2005

Aden Bureau
A graduation celebration for the 10th batch of Mine Action Program (MAP) was held on Tuesday March 15th at the Executive Center of MAP.

During the celebration, Mansour al-Ezzi, Manager of the Executive Center of MAP, delivered a speech congratulating the graduates of this course whose study lasted for three months that is considered the last one in the MAP.

He pointed out that MAP making use of activities has qualified a staff with great skills in the field of dealing with mines. They are now ready to transfer their experience when needed.

He explained that MAP after clearing Aden from mines is going to go to more difficult areas especially the deserts and mountains that require special skills and abilities.

Al-Ezzi appreciated the level of adherence in the course confirming the necessity for practicing what has been learned.

Staff Colonel Fadhl Gharama, Manager of the Executive Center of MAP, pointed out that the course was distinguished from the previous ones because of the circumstances of training and the good level in adherence.

He recommendedthat all the graduates to be precise and careful when doing their duties in the field especially when their work with mines is dangerous.

The participants of the course have received a great amount of theoretical and practical knowledge in dealing with mines.

Then the graduates were handed their recognition certificates in the presence of a number of military officers and the center's staff.