Minister of Agriculture Attacked! [Archives:2002/06/Local News]

February 4 2002

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Ahmed al-Jabali was beaten up at his office last Saturday by a tribal sheikh.
Reliable sources at the minister’s office told Yemen Times that the minister was beaten up by sheikh Abdulqawi al-Shwa’e, one of the Hashid tribal sheikhs, because he rejected a letter from a high-ranking military official asking the minister to allow the sheikh to import livestock from Somalia.
The minister said he couldnt permit him to import 30,000 of livestock from Somalia as the government banned importing cattle from that country because of the Rift Valley Fever. But the sheikh beat up the Minister and took off his Jambya intending to stab him, however, the Ministry guards could stop him. The brutal act of the tribal sheikh caused outrage and resentment among the people who asked about the law and who could stop such acts of tribesmen who never abide by law and order.
The people ask whether the government will stand by the Minister of Agriculture.
The sheikh has been arrested by the security of the Ministry and handed him over to the intelligence office.
It is worth noting that several sheikhs have carried out similar acts against civilians and others in the last few years.