Minister of Civil Service & Procurement to YT”Overhauling the Civil Service Sector is an urgent national necessity” [Archives:2003/675/Front Page]

October 9 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
The Ministry of Civil Service & Procurement has started taking good steps to implement the administration reform package. The Minister, Hamoud Khalid al-Sufi decided last week to stop all employment procedures in all governorates because of corruption and bribes taken by the people in charge. Mr. al-Sufi said in an interview with Yemen Times that civil service managers in some provinces were suspended from their job and that three managers in Taiz were presented to prosecution because of corruption and bribes, adding that committees were set up to follow up the employment process, making sure that everything runs fairly and honestly. He pledged to crack down corrupts whatsoever the result but he disclosed that there is a political will behind reform at large. He said that 59% of the applicants deserving the posts in Taiz were subjected to financial blackmailing and that people in charge did not apply the criteria stated by the ministry to employment, adding that there are 67,000 applicants competing for 11582 posts announced by his ministry. He pointed out that there can not be any way but to overhaul the administrative situation which he said is a national necessity.
The civil service reform package, said Mr. al-Sufi, aims at overhauling the administrative sector in all its aspects. “Through this project we deal with a collapsing administrative situation that can not be rehabilitated, rather it needs a complete overhauling,” he pointed out. The reform package also aims to define the role of state, restructuring, reducing inflation of this sector, controlling pension as well as creating a correct and complete database for government workers, according to him. He highlighted several other issues related to reform.
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