Minister of Information Stands by ‘Thaqafiah’ [Archives:2000/29/Front Page]

July 17 2000

The minister of Information, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Akwa’ deserved the appreciation and respect of all journalists for his courageous stand by the oppressed Thaqafiah Editor, Sameer Al-Yusufi who has been put in prison for republishing an old novel written by Mohamed Abdulwali more than 25 years ago. This action of Mr. Akwa reminded us of how a responsible government representative could act confidently and promptly to what he feels is wrong. We as Yemen Times, appreciate his stand, and urge him not to lose hope when battling evil powers trying to shatter the image of Yemen, or bring it back to the backward ages. We are on the path of democracy, and we should stay on this path.
Despite the minister’s great action however, Al-Yusufi is still under the threat of being prosecuted and put in prison again. Mr. Al-Akwa has once said he was willing to sacrifice his post by resigning if justice was not achieved in Al-Yusufi’s case.
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