Minister of Interior: Yemen’s stability is scured through its unity [Archives:2008/1156/Local News]

May 19 2008

SANA'A, May 15 ) Rashad Al-Alimi, the Minister of Interior, in a seminar with academics and journalists last week on the occasion of Yemeni Unity, confirmed that Yemen is stable and there are high measures to ensure the security within the country.

Al-Alimi mentioned that solving the border disputes with Oman and Saudi Arabia were the main achievements in the last decade that promoted Yemen's stability in the region.

He added that Yemen's ongoing process of joining the GCC is also another attempt to stabilize the economic conditions and enhance the country's economic, social, political relations with the gulf council members.

He acknowledged the “disturbing acts by terrorists in Sa'ada or other governorates,” but said that they do not represent the Yemeni people or the peaceful Yemeni society in any way.

“If they have any political, economic or social agendas there are democratic and institutional ways of expression, as Yemen is a democratic country that encourages plurality,” he insisted.

He condemned opposition in the south calling them secessionist and termed them as those who “sold their souls to the devil” and that they will “eventually fail and be exposed in front of the public.”

The seminar was organized by the military newspaper 26 September, in cooperation with Sana'a University, under the title “Yemeni Unity: a guarantee of stability and security.”

A number of academics presented papers praising the achievements of Yemeni Unity through increasing the democratic space and the participation of women in the public arena.

Participants insisted that Yemen has been taking the fight against terrorism seriously, and that despite the terrorist incidents the state is in control.

During the week, many similar events are taking place around the republic in celebration and support of national unity, in which high-level officials will deliver public speeches and endorsement keynotes. This Thursday, there will be a celebration of the 18th anniversary of Yemeni Unity, in which President Saleh will hold a reception accepting the congratulations of government officials, diplomats and community members in Sana'a.