Minister of Oil and Minerals Khalid Bahah:We will crack down on corruption in the oil industry [Archives:2006/971/Business & Economy]

August 10 2006

During a coordination meeting between oil production and exploration companies and subcontractors in the oil industry, Minister of Oil and Minerals Khalid Bahah indicated that the ministry will move the oil industry into a new era with the purpose of having a fair mutual interest with all oil companies operating in Yemen.

He also indicated that several subcontracting firms have become a burden on the industry, as such firms lack vision and are trying to increase their “share in the pool” rather than increase the pool's overall size, metaphorically speaking regarding the range and nature of services they provide for the oil industry.

Bahah also expressed a strong stance against corruption within the oil industry, indicating that firms that are transparent and ethical in their dealings and operations in Yemen will receive full cooperation from the ministry and other government agencies, while those firms and subcontractors participating in any corruption activities will be blacklisted and risk their operating license.

He also said that utilizing the services of any individual or VIP in the country in order to evade regulations and win bids and contracts not only is unethical but illegal, thus emphasizing the stance of himself and the ministry against such behavior, and stressing that he'll not tolerate any firm or subcontractor using influential individuals or personalities to realize their interests with the ministry.

The environment and Yemenization also were important concerns Bahah raised in his speech, as the ministry has received complaints from several governorates regarding environmental damage. Additionally, he clarified that Yemenization is a priority for the ministry, considering the high percentage of unemployment among university graduates while many junior positions are filled with expatriates.

He applauded the efforts of Canadian Nexen regarding to its scholarship scheme, the high percentage of Yemeni personnel working in the company and corporate social responsibility Nexen adopts in advising other firms working in the oil industry to follow suit and learn from its example.

Full details of the meeting will be published on this page next Thursday.