Minister:”There are interventions in judicial affairs” [Archives:2005/867/Local News]

August 11 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- Restrictions of judicial appointments in 2004 have no relation with Sana'a events, Yemen's Justice Minister, Dr. Adnan al-Jefri said in a press conference held on the occasion of enhancing the performance of the Ministry of Justice in 2004. The restrictions, he added, have been suspended for six months in order not to be associated with Sa'ada events.

Minister of Justice confirmed that there were many interventions due to the norm that had been seen for 40 years. There is a group of people who want to be the ruling authority and another group that has the desire to show complete dominance over the judiciary system while other people seem to be not interested in press, criticism or reforms

Al-Jefri mentioned that in the past, judiciary system was confined to a particular group of people and that restrictions are aimed at a certain class, “I for instance belong to the “Sada” class which you believe is the category of judges”.

In the press conference, the Yemeni official said, “There are great problems which we can not tackle with, and the process of reform resulted in the retirement of 108 judges, 22 were held accountable and 3 were not considered while 34 female judges and prosecution members were handed jobs in the judiciary system.

According to Mr. Al-Jefri, providing a suitable environment is a prerequisite for referring citizens to the judiciary to reclaim any rights they have been denied. He insisted on allowing a judge more freedom in the issuance of verdicts unless he takes violent procedures and said that 62% of prolonged cases in 2004 were finished.

Al-Jefri revealed he received around 450 connections and recommendations from al-Eriani, the President, Ali Mohsen al-Ahamar, Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar and Bajammal during the process of restrictions and replacement of judges last year, but he did not respond to any one.

Seven juvenile courts and 5 other commercial courts have been established to work in five Yemeni governorates, he added.