Ministry of Culture and its Futuristic Vision [Archives:2002/04/Culture]

January 21 2002

Saleh Abdulbaki
Yemen Times
The cultural activities organized at the Cultrural Center during the Holy month of Ramadhan in Sana’a were characterized by huge numbers of attendants. During such activities the Minister of Culture discussed problems and the main issues related to the cultural reality in the country in an attempt to find solutions to them. The Ministry of Culture has taken serious initiative with the aim of improving and mapping out a strategy for cultural works and activating this role through partnership between the Ministry and the intellectuals in all different fields of specialization.
The Minister of Culture, Dr. Abdulwahab al-Rawhani urged on intellectuals, and men of letters to strengthen the ties between the Ministry and intellectuals. He said the Ministry should be always acquainted with all problems the intellectuals, etc. faced. They should be helped to be able to improve the cultural movement in the country and to properly perform their role in the field of culture.
In fact, the government and non-government institutions should all contribute to the cultural development of the country.
The cultural meetings during Ramadhan brought about a number of suggestions and recommendations and called for activating the role of the cultural institutions such as, schools and universities by teaching theatre, plastic art and music as a part of the curricula.
Al-Rowhani discussed the general outline of the Ministry with the aim of encouraging and making use of all potentials and requirements to promote intellectuals’ minds. He also called for preserving the cultural heritage, which is considered to be the groundwork on which our cultural development is based.
In this respect, an agreement was signed between the Social Development Fund and the Ministry of Culture with the aim of improving the creative and artists’ capabilities.
In the same context, several cultural issues were posed by participants concerning the 40th anniversary of the Yemeni revolution, Aden Water Tanks, etc. Al-Rawhani expressed his appreciation of holding such cultural activities and unifying the intellectuals to work under the same roof.