Ministry of Culture pays tribute to Al-Rabahi [Archives:2007/1105/Local News]

November 22 2007

SANA'A, Nov. 21 ) The Ministry of Culture paid tribute to artist Ahmed Ar-Rabahi by giving him the Culture Shield in recognition of his creativity. Ar-Rabahi wrote the complete Qur'an on a 30x40cm board, with Allah written in the center. Previously he had penned portions of the Qur'an on 130 different boards.

At the celebration, Mohammed Al-Mafalahi, Minister of Culture, praised Ar-Rabahi and his creativity for artistically representing the Qur'an in an unprecedented manner, unique in the Arab world.

Al-Mafalahi went on to say that “what Ar-Rabahi has been given today is only a portion of what he deserves for his message of peace and love. This celebration recognizes his commendable efforts and hard work.”

Ar-Rabahi worked continually on the miniscule Qur'an for seven years. The lettering is unique, as he penned the Lam letters (equivalent to the letter L in English) in Allah as two separate Lams instead of joining them. 70 surahs are contained in the word Allah.

Moreover, the writing on the board cannot be read unless show on a cinema screen or projector device. The artist attributes this to the small handwriting. Chapters of the holy book are separated by signs and stars. The verses are written in green and red, with white indicating the beginning of a surah. The board is the smallest one in the world.

Ar-Rabahi told the Yemen Times that he submitted a copy of the Qur'an to Guinness World Records in London in order for the feat to be recognized.