Ministry of Endowment closes donation boxes in Aden mosques [Archives:2003/685/Culture]

November 13 2003

The Aden office of the Ministry of Endowment has given authorities of donation boxes in Aden mosques one week to remove the boxes.
It announced to the mosque preachers and scholars that they face severe legal punishments to those who don’t abide by this rule.
The announcement also prevents speakers outside mosques during prayers, and also during preaching and speeches between the five prayers.
This new law is considered the first of its kind in Aden since unity in 1990. It also focuses on the issue of conflicts between the different sects or clans.
On a similar front in the capital Sana’a, al-Quds Establishment headed by Shiakh Abdulah bin Hussain al-Ahmar, speaker of the parliament, started off another round of donations directed to Palestine and protection of al-Aqsa mosque and supporting the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.
He also called on the people to participate, and send donations through the establishment’s bank account in the Yemeni Bank for Construction and Development, also the Islamic Bank, or to be delivered directly to the establishment’s center in Sana’a.