Ministry of Endowment publishes book to fight terror [Archives:2004/733/Local News]

April 29 2004

Yemen's Ministry of Endowment and Guidance has recently issued a booklet entitled, “Terrorism the threats and means to combat it”, part of a series of enlightenment booklets of the Guidance Sector of the Endowment Ministry.
The booklet, written by Shiekh Yahya Al-Najar, Undersecretary of Ministry of Endowment, consists of five chapters in thirty-two pages. It defines terrorism, its motives, characteristics, threats and dangers and the stance of Islam toward it and the means to combat it.
The booklet deals with the role of preachers and religious corporations in the fight against terrorism through the spread of Islamic values, which call for discarding extremism and excessiveness and for embracing forgiveness and moderation. It also seeks the enlightenment of citizens of the religious, political, social, economic and security dangers of terrorism.
This comes in line with the direction adopted by the government of Yemen in the issue of dialogue with terrorist elements. Yemen has achieved great progress in this and at the same time some Yemeni authorities are making consultations with the American side through the US Embassy at Sana'a in order to devote the path of dialogue before transferring the detainees and suspects to the judiciary.
This step also comes following the visits and intensive meetings of the US Ambassador, Mr. Edmund Hull with the officials at the Ministry of Endowment and Guidance and Justice.