Missile targets JMP member [Archives:2006/985/Local News]

September 28 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 25 ) A missile was aimed at the Supervisory Committee's headquarters in Al-Jawf on Monday, but the shell missed its target and fell nearby, according to the Joint Meeting Party media center.

The incident happened in the early morning when a worker saw a person next to some trees close to the committee's headquarters which was then full of electoral committees' members as well as escorts, according to Saleh Al-Rowsa, head of the supervisory committee.

Al-Rowsa, who was the target of gun-fire a week ago, added that the shell was targeting his room, but it lost its way and fell into empty land close to the headquarters.

The Executive Committee of JMP accused members affiliated with General People Congress to be behind the incident and the security of being lenient with them.

At the time of the incident the final results of presidential and local elections had not been released.

In a letter sent to Al-Jawf governor and head of the security committee there, the committee also considered the incident to be resulting from GPC feelings that elections results are not in his side. The letter further indicated using force will not hinder JMP from asking for its rights and law application.

It also asked for a probe into the issue to know who stands behind it and his motives, reminding of Mosleh Shyran's assassination in August. The letter additionally renewed the demand of JMP to form an unbiased committee to investigate the matter and have a copy of the investigations.